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We Make Your Network Secure

We are information technology specialists, designers, developers and
entrepreneurs that are dedicated to create network solutions.



If you have a large network that needs to be rock solid than you will appreciate this.  We do consulting for large network roll outs and have the ability to provide turnkey services to your business and/or home.

We offer amazing network solutions in two packages.  1.) The first way we provide service is with our Managed Network Service, we provide all the equipment and make sure it runs.  2.)  Purchase to own the equipment with us and we install it, warranty it, maintain it for you.

Cable Installation

It is important to realize our network professionals do not just perform maintenance; we also install network systems from cable to hardware. 

Our network solution experts help get the cables in place for your project. Meaning, we provide quality wire pulls because we know your new computer network deserves the best. When choosing us as your partner in technology, we are investing in you.

We can provide wire certification for Commercial and Residential


System Tests

In particular, security is the focus to have in 2017. Internet Service Providers' equipment can no longer keep your network secure. Hacking tools are readily available to people wishing to do harm. With this in mind, we often use hacking tools on our systems to test for security flaws.



Advanced equipment and configuration is essential for security in today's market. With Linux being highly reliable, we constantly use Linux for the majority of our security devices. With the open-source, FREE Software distributions available today security is achievable.

Overall, Linux is the software that our Information Technology professionals use.


Network Backbone

In any event, the computer network is the backbone for any type of system. Don't worry, we have network solutions for your troubles. 


California Network Systems starts at the foundation and works our way up. Our process starts by NOT using a device you can purchase on a shelf in your local electronics store. Your system needs to have a strong routing device with security features. With that said, we can custom build a security appliance with intrusion prevention and detection.  

information technology services


We have experience with Exchange Servers and Active Directory.  Also, we have experience with Windows engineering and system design, Apple, and Linux environments.

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Remote Access

Mobile Services





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