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CNS Membership

A membership designed to be budget-friendly, aid with business growth,
provide network security, and ensure your network is working the way it's designed to.
The membership includes discounts on remote, onsite support, and installation.



With discounts on multiple areas of support including remote, onsite, file storage, and maintenance.

This program is built to get you more for your money.  This program rewards loyal customers with great service and feature benefits.


Our membership includes priority service, instead of waiting our remote support desk can help settle issues quickly. 

Reduced billing for membership includes billing at 1/2 hour increments.

Non-membership bills 2 hour minimum for onsite support and 1 hour minimum for remote support issues.

Membership pricing applies for service labor, 120 day active membership plans become eligible for 5% discount off any future project. 

Loyal customers over 12 months become eligible for 8% discount from proposed projects.  Lapse in coverage resets discount eligibility.


CNS Membership fees for small businesses
NOT in need the following:
Medical, PCI compliance or Web-server Maintenance.

Small Office Under 10 People:
3 Months - $400
6 Months - $600
1 Year - $1000

Office 11-25 People:
3 Months - $700
6 Months - $1100
1 Year - $1700

Support Policy


Hours of Standard Operation: 8:30am to 5:30pm (Monday through Friday)

After Hours - Saturday Support: billed at non-membership rate

Sunday Support: billed 1.5 times the non-membership rate.

After the hours of standard operation, remote and onsite support is billed at non-membership rate.
Support billing includes phone calls. Billing starts on calls over 5 minutes.

Pricing is for standard service labor cost for time and material projects only.

Membership Discount

Member discounts for service only, not projects.

Membership Support Fees
Onsite Tech Support - $90
Remote Tech Support - $70
Installation(1 Person) - $85

Non-Membership Fees

Non-Membership Support Fees
 Onsite Tech Support - $145
Remote Tech Support - $105
Installation(1 Person) - $110

File Storage


In order to receive storage space on our private webserver, clients must have an active membership. As a result of service work performed via remote access,  CNS repairs and recovers files quicker. Also, we offer offsite dedicated storage solutions for an additional layer of protection.

Membership Discount

Custom sized storage available upon request.

NOTE: All Prices billed per month
100 gigs of storage - $45
250 gigs of storage - $105
500 gigs of storage - $180
1 Terabyte of storage - $275

Non-Membership Fees

File Storage is only offered for Active Membership Holders

Network Monitoring


When an outage happens, the countdown starts. Essentially, each hour of down time for a business can be critical. By offering real-time monitoring, we start the healing process once an outage or error occurs. For the purpose of saving expensive trouble shooting hours, real-time monitoring uses the data collected to decrease downtime.
Also, we offer remote restarts on equipment.

Pricing Details

It is important to remember our Real-Time Network Monitoring is only offered for active CNS Membership holders. Once the membership is active, customers have the option to purchase advanced network monitoring for a one-time payment of $350 and monthly pricing. Benefits of real-time monitoring include all devices monitored and  issues reported quicker, untimely saving time and money on tech hours.

Membership Monthly Pricing

Device: Network Switch, Firewall, Access Point
Server: Windows or Linux software

Monthly Fees:

Location Base Fee (Per Location) - $35
Device (Per Device) -$7
Server (Per Server) - $12

Non-Membership Fees

Real-Time Network Monitoring is only offered for Active Membership Holders

Pre-Paid Service


Reserve monthly service hours at a lowered rate. However, only active 
Membership customers find our budget-friendly service valuable when keeping maintenance managed. 
Pre-paid service hours may be used toward scheduled maintenance, together with equipment check-ups, or desktop help service. It is important to realize, monthly unused pre-paid hours do not count for the following month(s). To clarify, if hours are not used within the month, they disappear. Given these aspects of our

Membership Discount

Pre-Paid Price Per Month
5 Hours - $275.00
10 Hours - $550.00

Non-Membership Fees

Pre-Paid Service is Only Offered for Active Membership Holders

Small Business?

Try Our Micro-Membership

Our micro-membership offers network service and maintenance so you can be up and running at all times! Perfect for start-ups and small businesses!

information technology services


We have experience with Exchange Servers and Active Directory.  Also, we have experience with Windows engineering and system design, Apple, and Linux environments.

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