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ALL YOUR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY NEEDS IN ONE PLACE - Professional Support, Design, and Installation for Residential and Commercial

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Managed Network and WIFI Special

Hassle-Free, Stronger WIFI for less.
WIFI Special allows customers to have great WIFI for less. 
Affordable service and maintenance plan for no more WIFI worries!

information technology services
WIFI Package

Is your WIFI too weak to load your favorite pages or to stream your favorite movies?
SUPER CHARGE your home network with our hassle free WIFI Specials!
With the Managed WIFI Special,  professionals are just a phone call away.

The Why

A better network experience

We have many years of experience providing to a diverse customer base.  This program is for the person/s that want more power with less hassle and support a phone call away. 

We provide remote health monitoring of your system with reliable equipment provided within our service program offering.

We do not replace your internet we super charge it!!

We increase the security of your system and have additional steps if more security is needed.


Single WiFI access point price breakdown

Coverage averages 1600 square ft Single Story home.
Customer is asked to provide a standalone modem for optimal outcome. Motorola Surfboard 6190 is the recommended device

12 Month Service Agreement
$169 One-Time Installation Fee

$39.95 per month after the first month


Large Areas?

We specialize in WiFi for large square foot homes.  These homes can be tricky.  They often have more densely built structure and limit traditional solutions.  This is for the family and or small home office that need a better connection to the internet.  We do not replace your internet we super charge it!!

Coverage averages 2800 square ft home 2 zones of coverage.
We have larger systems for customers who need the ultimate in WiFi coverage.

Customer is asked to provide a standalone modem for optimal outcome.
Motorola Surfboard 6190 is the recommended device.

12 Month Contract
$249.95 One-time Installation Fee 
$76.95 per month each month

24 Month Contract
$249.95 One-time Installation Fee 
$59.95 per month each month

36 Month Contract
$249.95 One-time Installation Fee 
$52.95 per month each month


Designed for Simplicity

  • Managed Equipment with Real-time trouble reporting
  • 1 hour of remote support each month
  • $40 on-site service call
  • Quarterly Bill review service of your internet provider
  • Equipment upgrade every three years
  • Ultimately, no more worries about your network

We provide support with the connections to your favorite device. In most cases people feel this is the WiFi connection we all know. This program coverage stops after your device appears online. This subject has many layers and we cover them all.

Computer support is available at hourly billing.


Most customers see the internet connection increase about 30-65%.

Occasionally, more gains than previously stated have been achieved.

As a result, quicker response times for streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Gaming systems occur.

In addition, more reliable wireless printing communication is seen.

Of course a stronger internet connection is always helpful when there is a deadline to meet.

Essentially, this residential WIFI special is ideal for home or the office. 

Our Expertise

Network Systems & Solutions
Networks, Servers, & Trouble Shooting 100%
High-Quality Phone Systems
Executive & LCD Phones 100%
Secure & Reliable Products
Networks, Computers, Phones, & Surveillance 100%
HD Surveillance
Cameras, Microphones, & Installation 100%
Support & Trouble-Shooting
Networks, Computers, Phones, & Surveillance 100%
information technology services

Anti-Virus & Security

Here at California Network Systems, Inc. we take network security very seriously. Our systems and devices are designed to keep you running over time with great anti-virus software. Secure & Budget-Friendly!

information technology services


We have experience with Exchange Servers and Active Directory.  Also, we have experience with Windows engineering and system design, Apple, and Linux environments.

Discounts & Savings With

A membership designed to be budget-friendly, aid with business growth, provide network security, and ensure your network is working the way it's designed to.  


CNS Membership offers discounts on:

  • Remote Support
  • On-site Support
  • Installation.
  • Priority service.

We value our customers and what better way to show our appreciation than with priority service?


Additional Benefits & Features

Coupled with support discounts and priority service, members are able to:

  • Reserve space on our private server
  • Purchase real-time network monitoring
  • Purchase Pre-paid support services (Predictable Costs & Budget-Friendly)

Discounts, Savings, File Space, and Predictable Service Cost for Support?

Sounds great, sign me up!

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Surveillance Systems, Phone Systems, Networks, and so much more! Installation is included in packages!
We offer high-quality equipment that you own. Financing with PayPal Credit is available for equipment purchases. 

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