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Protect What Matters Most
With HD Surveillance

We are high-definition surveillance experts that specialize in design and installation. 
We provide the equipment needed for a high-definition surveillance system. 

HD Surveillance

Keeping You In-The-Loop

Have you ever experienced that "feeling" and had to get into the car to check on the office?
High Definition (HD) Surveillance Systems ease that feeling and keep you in the loop at your home or business.


Why HD?

In the past, surveillance systems suffered from a lack of picture quality. Unlike those systems, HD Surveillance Systems are network based systems. In short, HD Systems transfer large volumes of data which result in a great picture. We offer a secure and reliable camera system that are accessible from personal devices. In addition, our HD systems are configured for multiple users.


HD Surveillance

Standard definition (SD) cameras are analog in nature. Meaning, SD cameras often suffer from a lack of viewable evidence. They show the type of person involved in an incident, but not much more. Unlike SD cameras, HD surveillance cameras give the full set of details. When details matter,  HD surveillance cameras are the right choice. 

Recording or Monitoring

Recording is not the only option. Therefore, some clients keep their system budget-friendly by not installing a recording device. If the purpose of the HD Surveillance System is to watch an area with real-time, monitoring only can be an option. It is a great starting point for a system because recording devices can be added at a later date. Although not necessary, the surveillance experts here at California Network Systems highly recommend using a recording device.



Internet Protocol (I.P) cameras risk being viewed by unauthorized persons. Here at California Network Systems, we help customers reduce the risk of hacking through configuration and security features. We have security in mind at all times. Advanced methods are used for securing camera systems, especially if it is monitoring sensitive material.

Extra Security

Also, to provide an extra layer of confidence for our customers, we offer additional security features. Intrusion prevention and detection systems often give piece-of-mind. Our Linux-based security appliances stop attackers before they access the system. Importantly, a high-quality firewall is the most critical feature for any system. 


Our membership is designed to be budget-friendly, aid with business growth, provide network security, and ensure your purchases are working the way they're designed to. 

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