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Information Technology Services in Orange County, CA

We are a team of information technology management professionals specializing
in networks and technology services. We provide On-site and Remote support for most network systems.
Residential and Commercial Service Available


Why Us?

Information Technology Management can be complex and inconvenient. It is our goal to have our services alleviate this pain; We are here to help.

Our business model has been designed to provide a balance in all categories.  We have a solution for 90% of all Information Technology needs.

Let us show you how to run a better system, with balanced spending.


We let you tailor maintenance to your unique business needs.  We have many service offerings to help your system thrive.  Our goal is to be your One-stop-Shop

With this said, more productive quality run time for your company occurs. 

Security is this years focus and we provide elite brands that help us to provide a better level of security to our customer base.

Staying Ahead


Importantly, years of experience taught us staying ahead of problems is crucial. A higher rate of success and less downtime occurs when routine maintenance is done. Essentially, the system should work as a tool rather than a headache.

This is why we think approaching things with a proactive method is best for our clients.

Best Practices for SMB

In order to stay ahead of problems, monthly meetings should take place. Even though monthly meetings are optional, we highly recommended to review your system. With your best interest in mind, we offer different help desk software for an easy and quick resolution. When your employees have an outlet to help their frustrations for repair, they will use it.


Backup Service

We offer multiple solutions for backup and engineer the logic to make it happen.  Our system designs are time tested for reliable and successful outcomes.

Using a combination of offsite and local backup provides our clients with reliable backup features.


Most of our systems have the ability to setup with automated daily backup that sends fresh copies of your data to be safely stored. It is important to realize backups are essential for your system to survive. They will save you from a catastrophic loss the question is never "if" but "when".

information technology services


We have been a successful service provider for many new and migrated Exchange Server and Active Directory environments. 

Let us show you how powerful your system can be with Managed services.

Our methods of engineering and system design allow us to provide better Windows, Apple, and Linux environments to our customers.

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Remote Access

Mobile Services





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