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High-Quality Servers

We have experience with Exchange Servers and Active Directory.  
Also, we have experience with Windows engineering and
system design, Apple, and Linux environments.

information technology services


Our Approach

Consultations start the process and help us achieve goals set by our customers. A series of questions and answers provide us with a direction to help. Generally speaking, we want to hear the needs and plans for the future. Since technology is the make-or-break point for many companies, we want to get it right from the start. 

What is a Server

We hear the word all the time.  The truth is that few people actually know what a Server is.

This is the defining line between server and not. If a computer has features serving multiple desktop computers and or devices it is defined as a Server.  Due to the fact it serves other machines it has become a Server if this machine experiences problems all other computers will suffer from the loss of communication.  This is why we do not shortcut on our system designs.

We only use proven methods and best practices to accomplish our system design and engineering.

Custom Servers


Need a Server to fit a specific need?
We build Servers and setup Active Directory/SQL/Exchange server. In addition, we have many years of experience with repairing struggling Windows infrastructures.  Servers should start with System design, Engineering and proper installation. We work in Windows, Apple, and Linux environments. More often than not, many of our clients have made the move to non-traditional operating systems such as: Mac, BSD, and Linux. Migrating to Mac, BSD, and Linux operating systems results in a frustration-free and budget-friendly environment.

CAD Computers

Are you an Engineering firm that needs a better machine to accomplish your day?

Let us build you the machine you really need with a guarantee.

Video Editing

Do you use Adobe Premier and After Effects? Do you need a supercharged computer on nitrous to handle your heavy editing capabilities. 

We can help you build an editing RIG that can tow the weight.



Automated Backups

Automated system backup can be done through many methods.  We use three in combination to provide our customers with piece of mind. 

We are able to provide offsite and onsite backup with multiple layers of protection. If this topic raises interest with you, we can offer a consultation to dig deeper into your needs.


Our membership is designed to be budget-friendly, aid with business growth, provide network security, and ensure your purchases are working the way they're designed to. 

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Mobile Services





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